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Fiscal Sponsorship For VoiceBox

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Exciting News: VoiceBox, KALW 91.7 FM's new music series dedicated to celebrating the art of singing, is now a fiscally-sponsored project of Independent Arts & Media.

What this means for VoiceBox's audience

In a nutshell, being a fiscally-sponsored project of Independent Arts & Media means that supporters of VoiceBox -- whether they be grant-givers, sponsors or individual donors -- can make tax-deductible donations to take this important and unique vocal music project to the next level.

Why this matters?

VoiceBox provides a unique service by specifically addressing vocalists and people who love to listen to singing in a way that is different to anything that exists in the media and performing arts world today. VoiceBox aims to celebrate vocal music artists in the same intelligent, wide-ranging and in-depth manner as Terry Gross and Michael Krasny highlight authors, filmmakers and other cultural figures on national and local public radio respectively. Each hour-long, thematically-organized show in the VoiceBox series is dedicated to exploring a particular vocal music artist, genre or trend, and has a strong, Bay Area focus.

The in-depth scope and high production values of VoiceBox set the series apart from many other music shows on local public radio. By discussing specific issues to do with the human voice, interviewing artists on-air and combining the music of local, national and international singers and songwriters into wide-ranging themes that help listeners engage with vocal music in an innovative way, VoiceBox goes much further than simply playing records and announcing the names of featured artists. In short, Voicebox gives Bay Area vocal artists the attention they deserve, and listeners the engaging, eclectic debate about the art of singing for which they hunger.

A non-profit public radio station with a considerable overhead, KALW does not pay for its music broadcasting. VoiceBox is therefore currently looking for funding in order to launch as part of KALW's regular weekly programming.

Call to Arms

If you love singing or listening to vocal music, please consider supporting VoiceBox by making a tax-deductible donation to the project by clicking on the "Support VoiceBox" link in the right nav bar.

To listen to the five pilot episodes of VoiceBox which aired earlier this summer, please click here.

About Independent Arts & Media

Independent Arts & Media is a producer's co-op and media/culture incubator with a mission to expand civic dialogue by increasing access to independent voices. Indy Arts was founded in 2000 to provide resources and support for media, arts and cultural programs and producers who are doing important work, but who lack support from existing commercial media outlets and traditional arts institutions. The organization’s production, sponsorship, promotional, educational and support services aim to strengthen a culture of democracy in which individuals fully participate in their communities through vibrant arts, media and public affairs experiences.

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