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VoiceBox Is Ramping Up

Monday, August 24, 2009

The summer has been a busy time over at VoiceBox. Following the success of the pilot series in May and June, KALW has made a commitment to bringing the show back as a regular part of its weekly programming.

In advance of the launch, the producers of the series would like to solicit your help in a couple of ways:

1. WE WANT YOUR IDEAS!: We're always on the look-out (or rather, listen-out) for vocal artists whose work you admire, from all genres and backgrounds. If there are solo singers or singing groups that you love, please write and tell us as we'd love your ideas for future shows. Similarly, if you have good ideas for show themes, please get in touch.

2. WE WANT YOUR MONEY!: KALW is a non-profit public radio station which depends on listener support to cover its sizeable overhead. The station does not have a budget to pay for its music programming, so the producers of VoiceBox are working hard to raise funds to make the show a sustainable reality. Exciting projects for the launch besides the weekly radio series include a podcast version of VoiceBox and more features for the website. A high-quality music media project with a unique mandate to bring the best local, national and international singing artists to listeners and break down the traditional barriers separating different kinds of vocal music through intelligent discussion about the human voice, VoiceBox demands far greater production than the majority of music shows on the radio and Internet. The project cannot move to the next level without your support!

So if you would like to help launch VoiceBox and keep it on the air for the long haul, please consider donating to the project by clicking the link under the "Support VoiceBox" header to the right. VoiceBox is now a fiscally-sponsored project of Independent Arts and Media, meaning that all donations are tax-deductible.

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