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Schoolhouse Remix: An original song from a San Francisco 3rd Grade class!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Check out this original song and music video by third grade teacher Edgar Camago and his students! The San Francisco class composed this song using entirely objects and sounds from within the classroom, highlights including a violin, a white-board eraser and a globe.

          Edgar Camago says that he often combines his passion for music and teaching in the classroom, "I teach using music or even just play the guitar when my students are reading silently." When he decided he wanted to compose a song with his students, Camago was inspired by the remix artists and musicians on YouTube like "Pogo." He wanted to play around with everyday sounds the likes of "Stomp" and other DJ's who sample found noises. To get started, Camago showed his students some remix videos and then had the students brainstorm sounds they could make. As you can see, they got very creative!
          Over the course of the last month of school, Camago recorded the students in the classroom for a few hours each week. He then crafted the final, rhythmic and creative video.
          Please enjoy! Any money raised through YouTube will be used towards field trips for the students.

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